Once your housing and travel costs have been taken care of, it’s paying for food that is likely to cause you the most headaches. Banish them on your next grocery shop with these quick tips!

Eat before you shop

Don’t head to the grocery store on an empty stomach – you’ll just go crazy grabbing anything and everything off the shelf, including stuff you definitely don’t need.  Even worse, those hunger pangs can make you more susceptible to gravitating helplessly towards junk food! So by eating before you head out of the door, you could just save a few pounds and dollars.1. Eat before you shop

Reconsider what dinner actually is

If you’re anything like so many of us, you might be used to thinking of ‘dinner’ as something pretty grand – a big cut of meat, several steaming sides of vegetables, a French loaf… you get the idea.  The truth is, you and your family can survive just fine on omelets, salads and BLTs. Reacquainting yourself with the simple pleasures of simple meals can do so much to relieve your budgetary pressures and your guilt about how well you are feeding everyone in your household.2. Reconsider what dinner actually is