Shopping online is set to continue growing as more and more of us recognise that it offers the ultimate convenience, the ability to compare pricing, the huge variety, and the environmental benefits that conventional shopping doesn’t always provide! But how do we know whether a site is trustworthy and offers good quality? Depending on what you’re in the market for, here are some of the biggest and best online shopping sites in the U.S today:


Top of the list is Amazon, the giant of the internet and biggest online retailer in the world that aims to sell ‘everything’. is an international brand with its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. You can find all kinds of everything on the site and some great deals. It began life as a book-selling site, but you’ll now find clothing, food, video games, music, toys, gifts – and, believe it or not, an abundance of books. Subscriptions are available for next day delivery, and there’s now a TV and movie streaming service, too.

#1 Amazon


Macy’s are the largest retail chain in the U.S, and both its stores and website are popular with customers. It offers affordable and luxury items including jewelry, clothing, footwear, homeware and accessories. One of its most famous stores is in New York where it always presents the annual Thanksgiving parade and sponsors the Fourth of July firework display.

#2 Macy’s