Yes, online shopping may allow you to skip the queue, but does it automatically save you money? Often, the answer is no. Follow these tricks to turn the tables on those dollar-grabbing retailers.


Don’t presume online is always cheaper

No, you won’t be paying for gas to get to the store – but online retailers are all too aware of this, and as a result, will often charge you more when you shop online.  So if you can, take a look at how the online price for a given product compares to those offline, not forgetting to look at online marketplace sellers as well.

1. Don't presume online is always cheaper

Don’t just go for whoever offers free shipping

Those mere two words – “free shipping” – seem to have some strange, must-do-it psychological effect on us. They seem to scream “bargain!”, even when that’s sometimes the last thing you’re actually getting.  It’s worth reminding you that free shipping doesn’t save you anything on the item itself. Not one cent! So, check other offers online first to make sure you’re still getting a decent deal overall.

3. But if they do offer free shipping, make the most of it

But if they do offer free shipping, make the most of it

If you really do have to jump on that darned tempting free shipping (we’ve all done it), you might want to pay particular attention to those free shipping offers that only kick in once a certain amount has been spent.  You see, if you’ve got $99 worth of goods in your shopping cart and will only get free shipping if you hit the magical $1-0-0, you might as well buy those socks or whatever else you know you’ll need anyway eventually. It’s just another great trick en route to long-term frugality.