Whether you’re a Costco member or considering it, the huge wholesale store is the perfect place to pick up bulk items and, while you’re there, you might be tempted to fill your cart but is everything a saving? If you want to get the most out your membership, then it pays to shop smart. Here are some of the best things to stock up on at Costco:

Organic Produce

Costco has recently overtaken Whole Foods as the leading supplier of organic foodstuffs, and the ability to buy in bulk means clean, healthy eating can last longer in between shops. The range of organic food is also increasing which encourages farmers to continue supplying organic produce. You’ll find items including organic coconut oil, quinoa, fruit, soup and hummus.food

Gift Cards

If you’ve got birthdays or Christmas approaching then think about giving a gift that gives a person the freedom to buy what they want. Gift cards at Costco are a great bargain and can often be discounted by 30%. You might not think of Costco when shopping for gift cards, but it’s definitely worth a look for big discounts.#2 Gift Cards