There are various home items that, frankly, we just need anyway – so, why don’t we buy ones that look a little quirky as well? Here are just a few examples of home products that, once they have entered your possession, could bring a smile to your face during routine household chores.

Shower Squids

We have to admit to liking our squids wet; it wasn’t the best taste when we recently tucked into dried squid during a holiday in Japan. Fortunately, these particular squids have plenty of opportunities to get wet, as they are intended for keeping in the shower.

There, they can keep hold of your soap, shampoo and other washing essentials in their tentacles, which can be easily adjusted as well. Each squid has nine of those tentacles and is even capable of holding bottles upside down – useful for getting every single drop out of those containers.

Rainmaker – Plant Watering Cloud

Naturally, when you are trying to grow plants outside, the ideal scenario is for the heavens to regularly open and provide the water that your little green delights need.

However, sometimes, the clouds just won’t help out, instead content to be fluffy white clumps of mist and little else. That’s when you can turn to this cloud instead – a cloud-shaped top that can be placed onto most soft drinks bottles. You can squeeze an attached bottle to bring the “rain”.