A store for everything is what Amazon has grown into. What started off as a site selling books, is now a colossus of the online world – literally selling everything you could possibly think of – and some things you would never imagine! From groceries to goat grazing and everything in between, here are some rather surprising items that can be delivered to your door.


If you long for a snowball fight but live in Hawaii then despair no more because Amazon will send you canned snowballs! These soft, washable balls have the added benefit of not melting and causing mess in your home. You never knew you needed such a thing until you heard about it –  it’s a ‘snow-brainer’ for the young and young at heart.#2 Snowballs



No, you haven’t misunderstood – you can actually buy nothing on Amazon! It’s a clever, humorous gift for those awkward to buy for family and friends who already seem to own everything. Present them with an attractively packaged parcel of nothing which will be theirs to treasure forever.#1 Nothing