When you’re a new mom or mom-to-be, you’ve got enough to stress you out without panicking over what – and what not – to buy for your new baby. Here are 10 of the things that you really do need when welcoming your little one into the world.

Nipple cream

Your nipples will be doing some serious overtime in those early weeks and months. If they get a bit chapped, sore or cracked, you’ll need a little remedy to hand. The right nipple cream is your indispensable breastfeeding companion – soothe away!

1. Nipple cream

Nursing bras

Speaking of breastfeeding, if you’ve not done much of it in your life before, you might think it’s as simple a case as popping a breast out of your bra. That’s right up to the moment when you rip your bra down the centre and have to get a new one… Don’t ruin your regular underwear. Instead, invest in a few nursing bras, so that even when one of them is being washed, you’ll always have at least one to wear.

2. Nursing bras